About Us
  OUR NEWS SPACE MICRO DEVICES, a unit of RELIABLE GROUP, is a professional unit specialized in marketing & distribution centre of Industrial Electronic Components and Defence Components both inland and international.
Space Micro Devices has proven to be a preferred knowledgeable supplier by various leading OEM’S/EMS/Design house. We specialize ourselves as a genuine with Latest Date/Code Electronic Components supplier for all major brands with a strong techno-commercial support from various international distributors.We specialize our supplies in IC’s, Microcontrollers, Memories, Power MOSFETs, Optocouplers, Power Modules and IGBT’s, Memories, Transistors, Relays Tantalum Capacitors; Electrolytic Capacitors,Mov,Ntc & Ptc. We at Space Micro Devices believe that the difference between professional lies not merely in the range of service they offer but quality and depth of the service provided.

Just smile today! Cos we have delivered you tomorrows technology yesterday!

Company Philosophy :
Business growth can be achieved only with firm commitment towards satisfying customer needs with utmost professionalism.

Company Policy :
To keep eyes set on long term growth without compromising on quality of products and services.
To adopt newest technology and quality standards that enhances business and benefits customers.
To have an open minded work culture that offers ideal environment for its employees

Our Services :
We Import and stock both Active Devices and Passive Devices. We do stock and Sell the products of the global leading manufacturers such as Analog Devices, AMD, Fairchild, Intel, Intersil, Maxim, On Semi, National, Philips, ST, TI, Toshiba, Power Integration etc. are name a few.

Active Devices :
AD/DA Converters, CMOS, Logics and Liner IC's, EPROM's, EEPROM's Microprocessors, Microcontroller's, MOSFET's & IGBT's, Diodes & Rectifiers, Thyristors, Transistors, LDR's & Regulators etc.,

Passive Devices :
All Types of Capacitors, Connectors, Crystal Oscillators, Display and LCD's, Inductors, MOV's, LED's, Relay's, Thermistor, Heatsink, Resistors, Trimpots etc.,

In addition to the above brands, we also stock electronic components from most of the well-known  International brands. With a sound technical background, we provide our clients with a wide range of choices through our product offerings.

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